Bhubaneswar Airport (BBI) – Transport

In this part we give you all the information needed about the transport options at the Indian Bhubaneswar Airport (BBI).

- Taxi:
you can easily take taxi at the Arrivals area of the Bhubaneswar Airport Terminal to the city centre. Other taxi services such as OLA cab, Uber, and MERU can also be found and usef from the airport to different parts within the city of Bhubaneswar.

- Bus:
there are about 100 buses which run through 13 rutes around Bhubaneswar, Puri, Cuttack and Khurda. Buses run from 06:00h to 21:00h with variable frequency between 15 and 30 minutes. From Bhubaneswar Airport they work from a bit earlier. About 10 minutes walking from Bhubaneswar Airport Terminals you will find a bus stop, called Navin Niwas. The main bus station in Bhubaneswar is Ashok Nagar Bus Stop, where you will find several buses to go to travel around Bhubaneswar city. The main bus lines which can lead you from Bhubaneswar Airport to Bhubaneswar city centre are: Bus line 207 (NandanKanan to the Airport) and 207A. Most of bus lines pass through Ashok Nagar station. Prices are: 0-3 km, 4 rupees; 3-6 km, 6 rupees; 6-9 km, 7 rupees; 9-12 km, 8 rupees; 12-15 km, 10 rupees; 15-18 km, 13 rupees; 18-21 km, 16 rupees; 21-24 km, 21 rupees; 24-27 km, 27 rupees; 27-30 km, 29 rupees; >30 km, 32 rupees. To have an aproximate idea of the distances, from Bhubaneswar Airport to Ashok Nagar station there are

- Tren:
there isn’t a direct connection of train from Biju Patnaik International Airport (BBI). Bhubaneswar railway station is about 4 km from Bhubaneswar Airport. If you need to travel with train from there you can easily take a taxi to the railway station.

Remember Bhubaneswar, in Odisha, has a tropical weather, which means from March to May it is very hot with temperatures around 40 degrees; and from June to October you may find a lot of rainy day. So the tip is: be prepeared and don’t expect the best idealistic weather while in Odisha, weather may be changing and unexpecting flight delays or cancellations can happen.