Bhubaneswar Airport (BBI) – Car rental


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To rent a car at Bhubaneswar Airport you may need the International Drivers’ Permit (IDP). It is recommended to call or contact in advance with the Aiport to get information about the Car rental. It takes between 8 and 10 minutes to travel from Bhubaneswar Airport to Bhubaneswar train station (they are separated by aproximately 8 km). Bhubaneswar Airport doesn’t count itself with international car rental companies, but it counts with local ones. Don’t hesitate to check more details at:

- Savaari: +91 9045450000/
- Taxiguide: +91 80308 60740/
- Carzon Rent: +91 08882222222/

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Auto - Rickshaws 

Rickshaws are another practical option to travel within India in general. You can’t ask an Auto Rickshaw at Bhubaneswar International Airport (BBI). But it can be a practical way of travelling around. If you find a Rickshaw to rent near the Airport the price to the nearest train station may be quite cheap, but probably you will have to bargain hard because it will take you a while. To find auto rickshaws early in he morning or late at night can be difficult.